Jörg Meyer-Stamer Research Paper No 5 by Ms Nieri

Ms Federica Nieri scholarship paper title 'Creating genuine shared values in industrial clusters: The contribution of the human rights approach' discusses the intricacies of the Creating Shared Value (CSV) approach in the light of a set of original case studies of industrial clusters in Asia and Latin America: the lack of direct focus on ‘doing no harm’, the risk of window-dressing and the lack of a clear benchmark of what is considered lawful and ethical. Her paper was supervised by Professor Elisa Giuliani from the Department of Economics and Management at the University of Pisa, Italy. Download

Jörg Meyer-Stamer Research Paper No 4 by Mr Alberdi

Xabier Alberdi reviews and evaluates innovation gaps and their connection with the diversity of intermediaries. His work categorizes regional innovation systems (RISs) based on the proactive role played by such organizations, and assembles typologies of RISs in the context of Spain. The research paper No 4 is a summary of his thesis and its results. The title is Innovation gaps and intermediaries in Regional Innovation Systems. Download

Jörg Meyer-Stamer Research Paper No 3 by Mr Wallis

Brian Wallis is an LED expert and the 1st recipient of the Jörg Meyer-Stamer Scholarship . He has a masters degree from the Institute of Social Studies (ISS) in the Hague with a specialization in Local and Regional Development. The scholarship allowed Brian to consolidate his research as an associated professor of Local Development with the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO) in Quito, Ecuador. His paper was supervised by Dr. Peter Knorringa of the Institute of Social Studies in the Hague. Download

Jörg Meyer-Stamer Research Paper No 2 by Dr Hildbrand

The PhD research of Dr Sandra Hildbrand led to a better understanding of the complexity of sugarcane production and supply systems, surfaced several inefficiencies and included possible recommendations in this regard. The title of the Jörg Meyer-Stamer Research Paper No. 2 is Experiences with seeking intervention in a complex system. Download

Jörg Meyer-Stamer Research Paper No 1 by Mrs Ricaldez

Mrs. Claudia Ricaldez, the 2nd Jörg Meyer-Stamer Scholarship recipient, published a paper based on her Master thesis. It contains research of the national competitiveness of the Bolivian software industry with a special local focus on the cities Cochabamba, Santa Cruz and La Paz. Mrs. Ricaldez used a systemic analysis framework and provided a deeper insight into the current sector dynamics from a local and national perspective. Download

Last publication of Jörg Meyer-Stamer

Modern industrial policy or postmodern industrial policies? - is the last publication of Mesopartners co-founding partner, Dr. Jörg Meyer-Stamer (October 30, 1958 – May 1, 2009). This paper was originally published in German languages ordered by the Working Group on Modern Industrial Policy of Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation. As the analysis and conclusions are relevant for other countries who like to learn from the German experience, Mesopartner decided to translate the paper to English and make it available for a broader audience. It should be seen as a contribution to the current debate on industrial policy in industrial and developing countries. Download